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LOPSA East 2014 Review

LOPSA East 2014 wrapped up a few minutes ago and I wanted to record my thoughts while they were fresh. This is the first LOPSA East that I have been to, as in the past there wasn’t enough content geared towards me (Windows admin) to warrant a trip down from Canada. This year I checked […]

Initial thoughts on Veeam Backup & Replication

Recently I have been looking to revamp our backup scheme as frankly, what we had wasn’t working (I won’t get into this now – a bit of a mess). One of my key requirements was that I could do file level restores on my VMs without having to restore the whole VMDK. After talking to […]

When error messages don’t mean what they say (I’m looking at you 0×80070070)

So I start going along my merry way with a PXE boot and choose my images, watch them copy files/expand, and then *BAM* good old 0×80070070.

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Sever Security

On my first day when I was first showed the server room, I remember remarking how hot it was – there was no ventilation or A/C. Later that day I found out that the door didn’t even have a lock on it. I also remarked about that, but it didn’t seem to be of much concern.

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Are you being spied on?

A recent report says that 1 in 3 IT professionals snoops on employees. My thoughts on the issue.


Gmail to the rescue

When trying to solve some mail server problems, one of the most useful troubleshooting tools that I use (aside from good old telnet) has to be free email service providers. Whether it is Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, having a free email account set up with them can greatly help when it comes to figuring out […]

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TechSoup – A must for non-profits

As I mentioned in my last post, the organization which I work for is a non-profit entity whose budget comes from membership fees. Like most non-profits, every dollar really has to stretch as far as it can, and it is usually hard to get an OK from management to go out and spend X thousand […]

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About Me

Hi there and welcome to my tiny corner on the web. My name is Matt and I am a Systems Administrator for a small business (under 50 employees). We’re not a typical business however. Out of all our employees, over half are remote. Most of them have their own office which means that I technically […]